Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

The Belfry Hotel & Resort is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment and the equal treatment of all team members regardless of their gender or any other characteristic. Please find the PDF report here.

Gender Pay & Bonus Gap

Difference between men & women:

                                           Mean                    Median

Gender Pay Gap:             6.5%                      1.4%

Gender Bonus Gap:        11.9%                    -22.5%

Our Mean and Median figures are significantly below the national average Gender Pay Gap for all industries in the UK (18.4%).

Proportion of employees who receive bonus pay

Male                    24.6%

Female                48.3%

Difference          -130%

The shape of our workforce drives our Bonus Gap.

Pay Quartiles

                                                             Male                      Female

Upper Band                                        56%                        44%

Upper Middle Band                           46%                        54%

Lower Middle Band                           49%                        51%

Lower Band                                        42%                        58%

How we will take action to close the gap

  • Continue to attract and hire the best person for all of our positions regardless of gender but always based on experience, skills and qualities.
  • Monitor our career progression opportunities amongst team members to ensure that all employees, irrespective of gender, are supported to reach their full potential on the basis of skill development and performance.
  • Raise awareness of equality rights within workplace policies such as flexible working and shared parental leave.
  • Consider our gender balance when reviewing the composition of managerial and senior roles so there is a greater balance between genders across the resort.

The Belfry Hotel & Resort sees the implementation of the Gender Pay Gap report as a positive step in improving transparency and increasing the focus on gender equality.  We will ensure that every policy and procedure encourages fair and inclusive ways of working for all.

Our Gender Pay Gap figures have been calculated in line with the regulations set out in the Gender Pay Gap reporting legislation. I confirm that these figures have been verified and are accurate.

J M Stewart
Resort Director