By Elizabeth Mallett 

Find a club, PGA Professional or driving range encouraging girls to get into golf: Beginner clinics or ladies group sessions are the perfect introduction to the game, your swing and provide a chance to meet potential playing partners. Most lessons have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and some of the ladies will get together afterwards – who doesn’t like coffee and a chat?

Take Lessons: The good news? You don't know much about golf and nothing beats starting out with some positive direction. Seek advice from a PGA Professional and ask lots of questions! You’ll learn best when you have open communication so find an instructor that is a good personality fit.

Learn Together: Encourage a friend to take up the game with you. Having a partner to go to the range or the course with will make your golf more enjoyable and should inspire you to get out more. It’s nice to have some to share the fun with!

Start Small: Choosing the right course is important - a good beginner course is flat, short and doesn't have many hazards. Start on a par 3 course or start from the 150-yard marker before you try an 18-hole championship course. There'll be plenty of time to test yourself on tougher layouts, but for now, give yourself a chance to gather some positive momentum.

Practise Smart: Practise some, play some. Divide your practice time across all of the areas of your game: putting, chipping, driving BUT remember the most important part, playing! Taking your skills onto the golf course will help you build confidence and expand your experience.