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Book Direct - Best Rate Guaranteed

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Why Pay More? Book Direct at The Belfry!

There are few guarantees in life, but our Best Rate Guarantee is one of the best. It assures that you’ll always get the best rate available when you book direct with The Belfry. Here’s how it works:

Our Guarantee
  1. Book your stay directly through our website or by calling us on 01675 238 600
  2. If within 24 hours of making your reservation, you find a lower rate for the same room type and reservation dates, and submit a qualified guarantee form and we’ll refund you the difference!

Make a Claim

Note: Do not disclose further personal or payment information in your message.

Terms and Conditions 
If you find a qualifying lower price for the same accommodation within 24 hours after making your reservation, and if we verify your claim, we will honour the lower price. A qualifying lower price is a price you find through an alternative booking channel prior to making a reservation or within 24 hours after your booking. Prices will not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee if they are for a different room type, include different elements, are not on the same dates or for the same number of guests, have different terms, or are for reservations made within 24 hours of arrival date. To submit a claim please contact our reservations team on 01675 238 600 or email